7 Tips to make every day a Valentine’s Day

Green heart - Every day a Valentine's Day As Valentine’s Day approaches, you might feel compelled to do something special on this date.

Go out for a dinner with your partner, make a surprise, buy some heartfelt gift, and so on. But we know that healthy relationships are built daily, not only on commemorative dates. As planting a seed, it requires good care and nourishment to harvest good fruits.

Here are our 7 Tips to make every day a Valentine’s Day:

  • Show appreciation and respect

Say or express how much you appreciate your loved ones. A simple card or just saying “Thank you for doing the dishes”, or “I appreciate you for planning this dinner” will show people around you that care about them. They are going to feel respected, loved, and valued. Sincere compliments and affirmations are encouraging, and they strengthen relationships.

  • Provide great communication

Great communication is the key to everything. Listen carefully and speak considerately. Instead of saying “You didn’t put the trash out again”, say “Can you help me with putting the trash out?”. Instead of pointing out a mistake, tell your partner how they could help you with the chores.

  • Spend quality time together and apart

Find things both of you like and can do together. Spending quality time with your partner improves the connections between both of you and it is fun. But also remember to spend some quality time apart, with family and friends. Both of you might like different things and it is important to respect that.

  • Accept differences

No one is perfect! Focus on the positive aspects of your differences, about how the differences make each other a compliment.

  • Be willing to help

Life gets messy, problems arise, then comes stress. Little things start to be more evident and irritating. Loads of laundry to do, kitchen to clean up, and dust in everywhere. Stop! Calm down and determine your priorities. Do what you can do and ask for help when you need it. The same way be willing to help your partner when you see him/her struggling. In a long term, being supportive of each other will make the relationship grow healthier and stronger.

  • Be Consistent

Dedicate some time to reflect on how both are working out together and individually. Relationships are a commitment and must be nourished daily. Work on self-improvement that can benefit the relationship as well. Maintaining a healthy relationship is a way to express love.

  • Do something special

Do something special and unexpected. It will be meaningful to your partner and it will be good for you too. It’s a win-win. Caring about each other consistently will result in a lasting and healthy relationship.

We Zesty Maids, not only care about our relationship with our customers, but also, we want our customers to have quality time with people they care about.

In this Valentines, show someone your love and gift him or her with our gift coupon. Let us take care of the cleaning while you enjoy your time with loved ones.

Author – Miriam Rodrigues

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