Zesty Maids House Cleaning Service Thoughts!

Zesty Maids House Cleaning Service Thoughts!
Today, I want to thank all of my current and past customers for their continued support and referrals to Zesty Maids cleaning service.
Two years ago, my husband and I decided to start a house cleaning service in Dallas. It was extremely important that the cleaning service represented our lifestyle.
I have been green cleaning my house for years, since my mother taught me green cleaning.  So, it was not even a thought that Zesty Maids would be a green home cleaning service.
My family is also very active and we are proactive when it comes to eating clean… Minus a couple pizza nights a month and the occasional sweet tooth craving 🙂 Being healthy with our home cleaning it is just as important as being healthy in our bodies.
Your home is your temple and it should be your place of rest… I don’t care if you live in a tent, in a studio, or in an apartment. When you enter your dwelling, peace should come over you, you should feel relaxed and not anxious.
Cleanliness and organization are big factors when bringing the peace and zen vibe to your home. If you are using a housekeeping service, the cleaning company should be a Green Cleaning service.
Green cleaning is beneficial to your health and your home. On the healthy side, you are not breathing in harsh chemicals from chemical cleaners and your home is benefiting from the vibe that green cleaning brings.

Our Team

The product is just one part of a green cleaning service, the people in your home are the other positive side. You do not want bad energy in your home. This goes for you too… If you are angry cleaning your home that is the vibe you are putting in your home. That being said, turn on some music you like, light a green candle or essential oils and relax. Take your time.
When Zesty Maids hires new team members, one of the most important parts of our interview process is learning about the applicant as a person, not just reading what they wrote down on an application. Once we have decided on an applicant, we will do a thorough background check which also includes calling all references and past employers. Finally, when the background check and references are checked out, we sit down and have a good long heart to heart with the applicant.
I love my staff! They are filled with joy and happiness, and they are fun people. Some are moms, some are wives, some are are starting life… I would have them all in my personal home because of their good energy.
We provide options to our staff and growth in the business… I never want them to feel stuck or unhappy, and my open door policy assures them they are not just employees, they are part of our growing family. Having a home cleaning service that takes pride and takes care of their staff is extremely important.
Thank you to all the customers and customer referrals. We, the Zesty Maids Team is so grateful to our community for helping our green house cleaning service to grow so much inside of two years.
We promise to keep our house cleaning service up to green standards and to keep the good vibes coming into your homes. ?

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