The Importance of House Spring Cleaning!

The Importance of Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning has been around for centuries… Some historians say spring cleaning was started for religious purposes. The Persians practiced spring cleaning before bringing in the New Year, and the Ancient Jews would spring clean the home before the festival of Passover.
Non-religious take on, spring cleaning is performed during the months of March and April. First, because the weather starts to get warm. Second, it is the best time for dusting because you open the doors more often. If you are concerned about bugs coming in, think about this: before electric or gas heating, people who lived in colder climates used coal or freestanding stoves to warm their home.
The homes were on lockdown through the winter to keep the home’s heated. YUCK! All the grease, grime, and dust were kept inside. In fact, they didn’t have vacuums.
I’m sure when the time Spring arrived and the weather was warm enough to open windows and doors, people were probably desperately ready to air the stink out of the home, dust the rugs, wash the drapes, sweep the floors, and much more.
People are still spring cleaning for religious purposes and yes, there are still people around the globe who have to use freestanding stoves to stay warm. Likewise, I am sure they are spring cleaning as well. However, what about those people who have all the modern day luxuries of staying warm and the religious aspect of cleaning does not apply? Why should they spring clean?
Here is my take on why it is important to spring clean.

Why spring cleaning is important?

Spring brings life! Flowers bud bloom, grass turns green, leaves grow back on the trees, the animals wake from long winter naps. In short, it is healthy to breath life into your home, at least once a year, with a good spring cleaning. In addition, after your spring cleaning or deep clean you should maintain the cleaning by dusting regularly, vacuuming and sweeping floors, washing windows, keeping inside of your refrigerator and stoves clean.
You may be saying: “I live in Florida, the weather is beautiful all year”. Then, you have more opportunities to provide a deep cleaning in your house through the year! Personally, spring cleaning is about breathing life and cleanliness in your home.
Those of you who have had your homes deep cleaned will appreciate where I am going with the cleaning part of this. A deep clean in your home not only helps remove allergens, but also it does lift one’s spirit.
Washing your blinds, washing your windows inside and out, getting behind refrigerators, stoves and moving furniture that has not moved in a year to clean under is important.
Disclaimer: moving heavy furniture can be dangerous, we advise having professional’s help.
Spring cleaning your home is also healthy for your mind and body. And yes, cleaning can also be a form of burning calories! There is the bright side of cleaning toilets ;).
Spring cleaning is also about decluttering your home. There is always peace of mind once you declutter your home. Go through all your winter clothes and donate all the clothes and shoes you know won’t make it into the next winter wardrobe and do the same with toys, office supplies, linens, furniture, plus it’s a tax right off.
Go in the garage and look in those boxes that have been sitting for 5 years… I promise you’ll find stuff that you do not need such as the bun busters or VHS tapes. If you have a family, put the team in place and hand out the chores for each person.
Once your home is decluttered, and it has been officially spring cleaned, I want you to heat up your favorite essential oil, turn on some low-key music, open a window and relax 🙂
A clean space is a happy place!
Now, for those of you who do not have any desire to spring clean, Zesty Maids is here for you! We will happily spring clean and deep clean your home!
Spring into the spring season with a clean home!

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