Tips for Maintaining Vacuum Cleaners Clean and Sanitized

Maintaining vacuum cleaners

Woman vacuuming the house. Close-up with vacuum cleaner.

We have great experience with vacuum cleaners here at Zesty Maids. It’s extremely important for us to keep our vacuums sanitized for those clients who do not have vacuums and for our staff. In particular, vacuums these days can also be rather expensive, so to prolong the life of your vacuum here are some tips:
  1. Replace your bag regularly and empty bagless models regularly as well. Don’t wait until the vacuum to get packed with debris;
  2. Check your belts a couple times a month. With most vacuums it is easy to access the belts. Make sure they are not wearing down… If so, replace them. You can find the model # for the belts on the box or on the vacuum. If you are having problems finding the # call the manufacturer for help;
  3. Every 3 months take your vacuum in for a tune up. If you’ve spent over 100 on a vacuum it won’t hurt to have a pro give it a little tune up;
  4. Check the brushes for debris. Debris can lock the roller and cause the motor to burn up;
  5. Wipe your vacuum down. Take some green all purpose cleaner and wipe your vacuum down. No need for it to look like it just ran a derby race. Get all the hair or pet hair off and keep it fresh and clean:)
  6. Add a few drops of essential oils to the bag or the filter for a fresh scent when cleaning.

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