Keeping Flu and Cold Germs at Minimum in the Home

Keep germs away from your home

Uggg cold and flu season is among us and we are all in anti virus mode!
My husband is originally from Ohio, and when winter comes he actually gets excited if he hears a freeze is on the way to Texas… He tells me he loves a good freeze because it kills all the germs and gives a germ free slate.
I wish someone would relay this information to all the people with colds and flus because it never seems to slow down flu season from where I am standing, but we won’t tell him that.
However, let’s talk prevent defense!
(This is something I also hear my husband speaking about while watching sports)
The best way to stop any virus from spreading through your home is to contain the virus to one area and to keep other areas disinfected.

So let’s start a list:

1. Make sure the party that is sick is somewhat isolated to one area. This allows us to have an idea of what the person who is sick is in contact with. For instance, there is no need to lock them in the basement or the garage. Just put them some place comfortable and accessible, preferably in their bedroom.
2. If you’ve landed them in their bedroom, perfect! Make sure to change out the sheets daily. If they are on the couch, cover the couch with a sheet and bring a covered pillow.
3. Keeping the home disinfected is our prevent defense. So, remember to wipe down door knobs and kitchen appliances (including hardware on cabinets and knobs), since the kitchen is a hot spot for germs. Moving to the bathroom, wipe down toilets and sinks. After the sick party bathes, wash out the tub. Don’t forget some utensils such as TV remote and light switches
4. Don’t let cups and dishes piled up! Some people get sick and just stock pile of tissues, trashes and dishes. EW! Put a waste can next to the sick person and have them throw tissues and trash in the waste basket. In addition, make sure it’s line. When they are done with their dishes, remove the dishes and stick them in the dishwasher or if you are hand washing I recommend a good natural dish soap and boiling water in a tea kettle, pouring the boiling water over all the utensils, dishware and glasses twice.
Here is a Zesty Maids tip to make a green disinfectant.

DIY natural Disinfectant for wiping down:

  1. Pour 2 cups of water into a spray bottle
  2. Add 20 drops of tea tree oil to the water bottle. Tea tree oil is a naturally-occurring essential oil with anti-fungal properties
  3. Add 2 tbsp of White Vinegar, as the acidic qualities in the vinegar help to kill germs and reduce microbial growth
  4. Add 1/2 Tbsp of natural liquid dish soap. This helps to add a little more punch
  5. Now Shake and got to work 🙂
Cheers and Good Health!
Ana Paula

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