Why the end of lease cleaning is so important?

If you are wondering why end of lease cleaning is so important, we are going to give you some insights.

When you rent a house or an apartment, you expect to find it clean, maintained, and organized.

Otherwise, you should consider carefully if you really want to sign any rental agreement with someone that doesn’t seem to comply with rental standards at first place. ?

Likewise, your landlord presumes you will not only upkeep with the property during the leasing period, but also returned it by the end of the tenancy with the same conditions you found it.

Many landlords are requiring a security deposit in their rental agreements. The security deposit is a specific amount of money collected and withheld by landlords from the tenants until the end of leasing.

This security deposit is a protective measure to safeguard the landlord for any damage that may occur in his/her property during leasing.

If you cause any damage to the property (or fail to maintain, repair, or replace items that have been damaged), your landlord can lawfully deduct charges from your security deposit.

However, if you are a responsible tenant, who complies with all obligations and agreements from the contract, you can receive a full refund of your security deposit. Isn’t that great!

Most security deposit disputes and litigation between landlords and tenants occur due to misunderstanding or breach of the obligations of the contract. Can you guess which is one of the main problems? END OF LEASE CLEANING!

How can I get my security deposit back?

Why end of leasing is so important?If you want your security deposit back, you need to return the property spotless!

Most landlords require a professional deep cleaning (or professional end of lease cleaning) since those professionals are familiar with lease cleaning requirements.

If you would rather do the cleaning by yourself, make sure to check the requirements of the contract or talk with your landlord in advance.

Communication is the key, and as a popular saying “A deal is a deal!”

But if you want to save time (and money), contract an excellent residential cleaning service to do it.

Professional cleaning services are experienced in end of lease cleaning (or move in and move out cleaning). In addition, you will also have a receipt and evidence that you are complying with your obligations.

Lastly, request a final inspection from the landlord to make sure everything follows the requirements.

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