Father’s Day! Five Tips to Help Dad Organizing His Closet

Father's Day! Five Tips to Help Dad Organizing His Closet

Since Father’s Day approaches, we decided to share some ideas that can help dad organizing his closet.

Sometimes we don’t give much attention to the men’s closet as we should. In fact, men and women have peculiar apparel that must be organized and displayed according to their individual necessities.

Therefore, we wrote down five men’s closet organization ideas that will make dad’s life easier and he will appreciate it!

Five Men’s Closet Organization Ideas:

1. Declutter


First of all, remove everything you don’t use anymore. We tend to get attached to items that we haven’t used them in a while. As a consequence, these unnecessary items overcrowd your closet, taking space that could be used more effectively.

Therefore, discard unwanted items or donate those that can be useful for someone else.

2. Hang shirts and pants

Hang shirts and pants

Next, hang button-down shirts, T-shirts, and pants that wrinkle easily. Separate them by categories such as formal, work, or casual apparel. Then organize them by color, style (long or short sleeves), and patterns (plain or stamped).

On the other hand, fold and place heavy pieces such as jeans and sweaters on shelves. This way, they won’t weigh heavily on the rods and you avoid clothing getting overcrowded on hangers, which makes them crinkle.

3. Keep shoes organized

Keep shoes organized

Most of us keep our shoes on the floor of the closet, but organizing them on shelves or on a shoe rack is much more efficient. They become more visible, consequently, easier to find and to decide which one wear. In addition, moving them up will avoid scratches that happen when pairs overlap on the floor.

If you don’t have enough shelving or space to arrange them, you can opt for a hangable shoe rack organizer, a freestanding rack, or a shoe storage door/wall rack.

4. Take good care of belts and ties

Take good care of belts and ties

For accessories such as belts and ties, take advantage of specialized hangers such as slide-out tie racks or tie/belt hanger hold racks. These racks can free some space in your closet, keep accessories free from wrinkles or damage, and keep items from getting lost.

Again, organizing your closet making your apparel more visible will save you a lot of time because you know where everything is and you can choose or combine pieces more easily, and you are more likely to maintain them into place.

5. Arrange underwear and socks properly

Arrange underwear and socks properly

Lastly, to arrange underwear and socks in the drawers, benefit from drawer dividers, storage boxes, and compartment organizer bins. Keep underwears folded into the individual cells. You can arrange them by color, style, or frequently used.

When arranging socks, avoid them to stretch out by folding them in half or into three parts and place them into the drawer divider in individual cells.

Keeping the closet tidy is the best way to start and to finish the day! You won’t get stressed out because you cannot find items or because they got crumpled in the closet.

Father's Day! Five Tips to Help Dad Organizing His Closet

Men’s closet also deserves attention!

We would love to hear from you! Leave us some comments if you like our ideas or if you want to share some of your ideas or experiences.

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