How to Clean and Maintain Hardwood Floors

How to maintain hardwood floors

New home with beautiful hardwood flooring in living room area

Not only are hardwood floors beautiful, but also they are one of the easiest types of floors to keep clean, unlike carpets.
I looth carpet… That’s another blog ” Why you should steer clear of carpet”
Now, back to hardwood floors, this is very simple:
  1. First, remove all dust from the hardwood floor. I use a microfiber dry mop to remove the surface dust from my floors, you can also use a lightweight vacuum or a soft bristle broom.
  2. After you have removed all the surface dust, use a barely damp mop and go to work. For instance, barely damp means wrung out. The mop should not be dripping water at all! Do not spread water all over your wood floor, water can damage the wood floors. Since hardwoods are great floors, they will last a very long time if well-maintained.

Here are listed some of Zesty Maids tips about how to clean or maintain your hardwood floor:


  • DO NOT steam clean your hardwood floors. Steam can cause the wood to warp;
  • Keep your floors scratch free by putting furniture protectors on the legs of all furniture. If you have pets trim their nails, and in high traffic areas, use area rugs or runners. Don’t be shy to have a no shoes rule in your home!
  • Again, DO NOT WET MOP your wooden floors. Instead, use a wrung out barely damp mop. Standing water can seep into the floor, causing warped floors and dull finishes. If you have a spill on the wooden floor, wipe it up asap.
  • Have a daily dust routine to minimize buildup. Use a microfiber mop, a lightweight vacuum, or a soft bristle broom to go over your wooden floors daily.
It is also a very good rule of thumb to call the manufacturer of your wooden floors and ask what are their preferred method for maintaining and cleaning the floors.

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