Green House Cleaning with Lemons

Lemons not only do good for our bodies, but also they are great for house cleaning purposes!
Zesty Maids is going to share some ways you can use lemons for green cleaning.

Let’s start with lemons and our bodies:

  • Lemons keep skin glowing, aid in digestion, can help you lose weight and is packed with vitamin C;
  • One cup of fresh lemon juice provides 187 percent of your daily recommended serving of vitamin C;
  • The acids found in lemon juice encourage your body to process important nutrients in food slowly. This slower process helps with absorption, and it helps insulin levels to remain steady, as you get more nutrients out of the foods.

For house cleaning:

  • Lemons are an acid fruit, and when mixed with the proper ingredients, you can make a powerful green cleaning product!
  • Lemons can remove many stains such as coffee, lipstick, wine, and sweats. Since these items are acidic like lemons, they react and get dissolved quickly (like dissolves like);
  • Lemons are great for getting rid of strong kitchen odors. When my family and I are house cleaning, we will drop a few lemon slices in boiling water to freshen up the kitchen, or drop them in the disposal to freshen the sink up.
House cleaning with lemons

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  • Lemons will work wonders when polishing up discolored items. Use a half lemon and salt to clean discolored brass, as well as clean copper;
  • Lemons are a great disinfectant. Diluted lemon juice cleans stains from cutting boards and it also helps to kill germs.
  • Rub Lemon juice (full strength) onto the cutting board stains and let sit until the stain is gone. For heavy stains, you can leave it overnight.
So there you have it friends! A little more knowledge on beautiful lemons.
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