House Cleaning 101: How to do Laundry

The basics of doing laundry

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If I’m going to pick my least favorite part of professional housekeeping, I would say laundry is my nemesis. However, like most of you, I also like clean clothes! In fact, my team and I are really good at doing laundry! ?
Today’s blog is going to cover the basics of doing laundry.
  1. First, read labels! Not all clothes are created equally. Before you cut them off, read the labels, they are your friend! They are not only going to help you to place your laundry in the correct washing groups, but also, let you know how to properly wash the items.
  2. Separate your laundry: Delicates: sweaters, lingerie, and other items that require a light touch; Darks: just like it sounds dark clothing; and Whites and Lights: I do my whites and lights together to save energy.
  3. Choose the proper wash cycle and temperature: for whichever group you are cleaning, cold is good for delicate clothes, such as that there is generally a delicate cycle on the machine. In addition, cold is also good for items you do not want to shrink like denim jeans or sweaters. Warm is best for whites and lights, while hot is good for towels and heavily stained items. If you have a delicate that is heavily stained, I recommend hand wash and air dry.
  4. Adding detergents: Once the water has reached 3rd filled in the machine, add the detergent to the cycle. If you are using bleach or color safe bleach on clothing, make sure to use bleach dispenser and be sure to dilute bleach delicate items. The detergents will dissolve quickly, then add clothing.
  5. Drying: Generally, for delicate items, there is a drying cycle on the dryer settings. I use a drying rack for my delicate clothes and jeans. The high heat setting is good for towels and pre-shrunk items. Medium heat setting is good for colored garments, as well as, good for preventing wrinkling.
So there you have it! The basics of laundry 🙂
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