Get a Clean Start in 2020 with Zesty Maids!

The festivities are over and 2020 is in full swing! Time to get a clean start; in fact, this month is already flying by, isn’t that crazy?!

With all the resolutions, plans, and projects you might have for this year, don’t forget to take care of your sweet home.

Cleaning and maintenance are the key factors to prevent unexpected damage, deterioration, and repair. 

Thinking about some important things we forget to take care of in our home, we create a 2020 Cleaning Calendar with 12 simple tasks for you to lookout throughout this year. 

Following these will help you to keep your house in order and decrease the chances of getting stressed out, so you can put your energy into the amazing New Year Resolutions you have for 2020. ?

Clean start with Zesty Maids 2020 Cleaning Calendar

Do you need some help to keep your house clean throughout the year? Contact Zesty Maids and get your house cleaning taken care of!

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