Quick Thanksgiving Tip – DO NOT WASH YOUR TURKEY!

My Family and I Love Thanksgiving! I have so much to be grateful for: My Faith, My Family, My Health, all of the wonderful customers that I am blessed with, and the wonderful Zesty Maids, who is family to me.
Life is so precious and time goes by so fast. It’s important to take several days out of the year to be thankful. It’s ok to stop, take a deep breath and reflect on all the good things that are happening in our lives.
Millions of Americans will be filling their homes with family and friends, preparing for the great Thanksgiving feast…
Turkeys will be gracing the millions of Americans kitchen countertops as well, and there is something extremely important that you should know: DO NOT WASH YOUR TURKEY… Rinsing your bird can cause bacteria to aerosolize and spread around your kitchen up to three feet!
According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, you should not wash raw meat and poultry because this practice can spread bacteria from the surface of the meat or poultry to ready-to- eat foods like raw fruits and veggies, kitchen utensils and counter surfaces.
Needless to say it is extremely important to sanitize your kitchen countertops with safe and non-toxic green cleaning products. If you would like to go the DIY yourself disinfecting route try white vinegar and 3% peroxide.
  • Most of white vinegar found in supermarkets is a five per cent concentration and kills about 80 percent of germs. In addition, it’s increasingly effective at higher concentrations. Look for seven per cent pickling vinegar, for example. 
  • Hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra oxygen molecule. Unlike chlorine bleach, it breaks down into oxygen and water and is nice to the environment. For most applications, hydrogen peroxide should be diluted to a three per cent concentration, and this is how it is usually sold in pharmacies.
On their own, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are each strong germ killers. Combined, they are even better!

DIY Green Disinfectant Spray

  1. Add half a cup of white vinegar and half cup of 3% peroxide in a spray bottle
  2. Mix and let stand for 5 minutes
  3.  Apply to areas as needed
When buying your Turkey, note: purchase an organic turkey that is grain fed and hormone free… Most grocery stores now provide a grain fed and hormone free bird.
My Family chooses Central Market when it comes to buying our Turkeys. The highlighted link will take you to an awesome Central Market Blog in preparing and cooking your holiday turkey’s.
For those of you who are vegans or vegetarians, try the Field Roast Vegan options for your meal. My Husband is 99% vegan/vegetarian, this means he pizza a couple times a month:) He Loves Field Roast as a protein option.
Thanksgiving Feast - Do not wash your turkey!

Thanksgiving Dinner. Roasted turkey garnished with Potato, Vegetables and cranberries on a rustic style table decorated with autumn leaves and candles. Christmas Dinner. Served table, table setting

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