Zesty Maids Cleaning Checklist


Top-to-bottom cleaning for your food-preparation space.

Sinks cleaned and disinfected (dishes cleaned upon request)

Blinds Dusted

Interior windows cleaned (exterior optional)

Cabinet disinfected and wiped clean (interior optional)

Floor vacuumed or washed

Counter tops, backsplash, wiped down & disinfected

Baseboards dusted

Microwave cleaned, interior & exterior

Appliance exteriors wiped down and disinfected

Trash emptied & lined


Sparkling bathrooms for peaceful privacy.

Bathtub & shower tiles wiped down, disinfected, and rinsed

Toilets disinfected, interior & exterior

All hardware cleaned and shined

Counter tops disinfected

Baseboards dusted

Towels folded and placed properly

Cabinet front cleaned

Sinks wiped down and disinfected

Floors vacuumed or washed

Trash emptied

Mirrors cleaned


Fresh & clean sleeping space every time to you lay down.

Floors vacuumed or washed

Beds made (linens changed upon request)

Trash emptied and lined

Furniture wiped down

Baseboards dusted

Blinds Dusted

Windows cleaned

Mirrors cleaned

Living Areas (Hallways and Stairs Included)

Live and breathe easy in your favorite spaces.

Removing any cobwebs from corners and ceilings

Dusting and vacuuming all furniture and carpets

Cleaning and dusting sills, ledges, wall hangings and ceiling fans

Thoroughly vacuuming stairs and under beds

Windowsills cleaned (interior windows wiped down and blinds dusted)

Floors vacuumed or washed

Baseboards dusted

General straightening

Hallways & stairs vacuumed or washed

Services Not Included

Zesty Maids currently cannot offer the following services.

Cleaning of chandeliers

Wet wiping of light bulbs

Cleaning of bio-hazards (mold, etc.)

Extreme cleaning for hoarding

Animal waste, litter, or insect cleaning

Heavy scrubbing of walls

Carpet cleaning (including heavy-duty or steam)

Hard-to-reach areas (higher than a two-step ladder)

Exterior window washing

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