Clean Sweep for 2017! Start a list and get organized.

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Clean Sweep for 2017!

I love the start of a fresh year… New beginnings, fresh start, clean slate, OUT with the old and in with the New.
For some people the New Year is literally a starting point, and there are people who have been waiting for the NY all year since February 🙂
Most of us need a date and a time to launch a new agenda for life. We need a starting point in everything we do, and there is nothing wrong with putting a date and time on your starting point.
Last week I talked about having a list to get you organized in your cleaning.
Most important, having a strategy in place allows us to ease up in life.
How many people fly by the seat of their pants? I mean, how many people you know who have great success and seem them laid back and chill. I can tell you that I have several entrepreneurial friends and the one friend that is fly by the seat of her pants. She always seems disorganized and in a rush.
When I visit her at the office, her desk is completely cluttered. I don’t want to hear, “I know where everything is”, as the whole time I am sitting there she is saying, ” Where did I put that?” or “I know I forgot to do something”.
If that is fly by the seat of your pants living, no thank you! I will take my organized list!
Making a list for your fresh start is extremely useful and a great habit to start. It’s too easy to put off the small things, for example, I have to renew my car insurance, maybe I should call tomorrow, or I need to call and make an appointment for my yearly check up, or Uggg! I have to balance my bank accounts. I’ll do it tomorrow. NO! DO IT TODAY AND TOMORROW FOCUS ON SOMETHING NEW OR ON YOU!!!

Put all of the above into a list:

1. Call Car Insurance
2. Make appointment with Doc for yearly
3. Review Bank Statements
Look how organized and simple my list is. In my mind it may seem like clutter, ad a big hassle, but if you can see it, it’s not bad and the list is manageable.
At the end of each day make a list for the following day. If you are comfortable with doing a weekly list, get to it:)
Once you get into a daily routine of checking off your to-do list you can focus on other things such as family, friends, health, community, and business.
You’ll start creating lists of other items in life that you enjoy:
Travel Plans
School Schedule
Workout Schedule
Cooking Class

Simple cleaning checklist

Here are some very simple things you can do to start a routine for checking off the list and keep your home clean and organized.
1. Clean sweep of the house. If there are things lying around, pick them up and put them where they belong. As an example, laundry goes in laundry, dishes get washed or go in the dishwasher.
2. Check your bathrooms. Toilet paper, soap, etc. Wipe down mirrors (it’s always nice to look into a good clean mirror)
3. Make your beds!!! It takes very little time and it feels good to pull back the covers and get in bed.
4. Do a light dust, vacuum, or sweep. You don’t have to spring clean to dust, just wipe down areas that have accumulated dust. Going through and doing a quick sweep or vacuum, this is great for your immune system as well.
5. Check that all trash bins are not full, if so empty them and line them (trash can stink, don’t stink)
Those 5 items alone will allow you to have some time for yourself. If you are new to Green Cleaning and are interested in purchasing Green Cleaning products for your home I recommend Seventh Generation Cleaning Products. They are eco-friendly and very effective.
Your start date does not have to be Jan 1st ,2017 or the 5th for the drinkers 🙂 Your start date can be tomorrow. It’s never too late or too early in the year or in your life to put a start date on the calendar.
If you are waiting until the New Year than make 2017 your year, own it!
The list is just a way for you to focus on who you are and who you were put on this beautiful Earth to be.
We are more than day to day workers, each and every human has a gift inside them. Make time to explore your gift, make time to be you!
Ana Paula

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