You’ve cleaned your home, now detox your mind.

Essential Oils for Mind Detox

At times our lives can be very stressful, and not all of us can hop on a plane and head out to the islands to detox and recharge our batteries. A little time out during the day to just breath and let our mind rest and reset can be just what the doctor ordered.
When I get a little tense or stressed and I don’t have a whole lot of time, I like to use my scents to bring me down and relax my mind and body. In addition, using deep breathing techniques essential oils can help to calm your mind and body down, bringing both to unity.  In fact, oils are great for filling the home with wonder scents.
If you’ve been following my blog you’ve read about being organized and staying decluttered in the home. Likewise, our minds and bodies should be as clean as our living space. Think of your brain/body as your home, but much much more important. Stressful thoughts are toxic, like chemical cleaners.
We need to green clean our mind just like our home. Put the trash out of your mind and fill your mind with positive energy and thoughts. You are alive, you are breathing, things will get better, smile and focus on being the you that you’ve always envisioned in your life… It is never too late to become the person you are meant to be.
I am going to share some ways I like to detox my mind using essential oils.

Here is how I like to use my essential oils:

1. Find a quiet, uncluttered space that you can stretch out in;
2. Find a relaxation breathing technique (you can find some techniques on Google);
3. Turn on some tunes, or if you just like the natural ambiance of your space that is fine. I have a record player and I’ll play a low key album in the background while working my breathing. There is also some great relaxation “Free” apps out that will literally put you to sleep;
4. Choose your essential oil. Below are two of my favorites for relaxing.
  • Lavender: it is great for anxiety, insomnia, and depression
  • Chamomile: it combats feelings of depression, sadness, or disappointments. In addition, it is great for lifting one’s spirit

Tip: WHOLE FOODS, is a great place to purchase essential oils.

5. Fill a bowl with boiling water (glass bowl is what I use) and set away from you. Next, drop 1-6 drops of oil in the bowl. Soon, the room will fill with the scent.
6. Now sit back and begin the breathing technique of your choice. It’s best to do your technique of choice daily. You don’t have to spend hours a day, just put aside 10-15 minutes to start.
Remember nice, deep calming breaths 🙂
Ana Paula

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