Christmas guests are staying over? Let’s start cleaning!

Christmas is here and I have guest staying over… Where do I start to clean first? What do I need to clean? When should I start? ?
First, take a deep breath and relax, we are going to get through this!
Second, let’s make a list… Always have a check list! I have a list for everything! If you can see it and check it off, it’s an accomplishment. In addition, lists help us to keep organized… If you are a bit ADD, the list will keep you on track too.
Third, we are going to make a good first impression on your guest, so now let’s do this!

Zesty Maids’ Cleaning Check List:

  1. First, make sure the beds all have clean linens, and the bathrooms have fresh towels. If not, strip the beds and put new linens on, or if you have one set of bed linens, start a wash. We do all this first in order to make good use of our time. Then, while the bed linens and towels are in the washer, we can focus on something else.
  2. Next, sweep of the entire home. If towels and clothes are on the floor or in the hamper, pick them up and throw them in the wash. Collect toys, magazines, dishes lying around, and put them in their proper place.  Start the dishwasher, take out all trash (bathrooms included), and once you’ve decluttered, go to step three.
  3. Living areas: Start wiping down and dust all furniture, mirrors, pictures, and knickknacks. If you have ceiling fans, dust them. Once everything is wiped, sweep the floors, then wash or vacuum the floors.

Spring cleaning woman screaming. She is stressed wearing pink rubber gloves and looking at the camera. White background.

4. Kitchen: first, dishes should be in the dishwasher, if there are additional dishes in the sink, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Wash them thoroughly, dry them, and put them away. Next, wipe the sink out with soap and water. A clean kitchen is heavenly in my opinion! So, I remove the items on the counters and wipe the counters, then I wipe the items on the counters. I also wipe down the cabinets and hardware. Don’t forget to wipe the top of your refrigerator and if it moves easy sweep out behind.  Afterwards, wipe out the inside of the refrigerator, get rid of everything not in use. Once all the counters and appliances are cleaned, move on to clean your floors. Sweep, mop or hand wash the floor.
I like to put some slices of apples and cinnamon in a small pot with water and bring to simmer… It brings a nice smell through the home.
5. Bathrooms: To begin with, bring all your green cleaning artillery with you. You don’t want any guest in a dirty bathroom. Next, make sure toiletries (fresh towels, hand soap, shampoo, body wash, etc.) are stocked. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to keep a green air freshener in the bathroom as well. Then, wipe down your tub, there are plenty of green products out that will get your bathtub/shower sparkling… After, wipe mirror, counter tops, and cabinets; clean inside toilet and inside the rim, wipe the entire toilet down, even around the back. Once everything is wiped, wash the floors.  A hamper is a nice touch for used towels.
6. Bedrooms: Fisrt, if you have ceiling fans, dust them. Wipe down all furniture and accessories, including TV and remotes. Then, vacuum, sweep, or mop floors. Finally, change all linens, by now they are ready to put back on again from the laundry we started in the beginning.
If you have bonus rooms, use the same routine. We have a 50 point checklist on our website you can use to get your house nice and tidy 🙂
We love the Seventh Generation Cleaning Products, you can also find them in some stores such as Walmart. Since Zesty Maids is a green cleaning company, we like to test and recommend eco-friendly products.  Clicking on the highlighted link, it will take you to the website which you can either order the products or find a retailer near you. Just a reminder, we are not a distributor of these products or affiliated with the brands.
Happy Holidays!

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