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Father’s Day! Five Tips to Help Dad Organizing His Closet

Since Father’s Day approaches, we decided to share some ideas that can help dad organizing his closet. Sometimes we don’t give much attention to the men’s closet as we should. In fact, men and women have peculiar apparel that must be organized and displayed according to their individual necessities. Therefore, we wrote down five men’s…

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Best Washer Under $700 Dollars

Let’s talk Washers! Zesty Maids is a house cleaning service, but we also provide laundry service to customers as well. My staff and I have had the opportunity to use a lot of different washers and dryers hence feeling like we hold rank when it comes to rating appliances. My recommendation for the best washer…

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House Cleaning 101: How to do Laundry

If I’m going to pick my least favorite part of professional housekeeping, I would say laundry is my nemesis. However, like most of you, I also like clean clothes! In fact, my team and I are really good at doing laundry! ? Today’s blog is going to cover the basics of doing laundry. First, read…

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