BnB cleaning services – DIY or hire a professional service?

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BnB cleaning – DIY or hire a rental cleaning service?

Hospitality services are on the rise! BnB and Airbnb stays are trending. Customers are eagerly looking for quality and affordable lodging services.

If you are in the vacation rental business, either BnB or Airbnb, you know the importance of keeping your rental impeccable.

You might have a nice place, but if it is not clean and organized, your guests are going to speak up. Worst case scenario, they will write bad reviews about it.

Even if you are providing a homestays or a simple, spare room, your guests are creating great expectations about accommodations in their minds. As you know, negative reviews can hurt your business.

Therefore, let’s work on the solutions to avoid unpleasant customer experiences. Are you wondering how? The answer is quality turnover services!

Now, if you are wondering if you should provide your own in house turnover service or if you should hire a professional BnB/Airbnb cleaning services, here are some considerations:

Do it yourself cleaning

DIY BnB Cleaning

You might be short on budget and want to save some money, so doing the cleaning by yourself seems to be a good option, because no one knows your house better than you! You know where everything is or where everything goes. For instance, you can clean and organize on your own convenience.

The big downside of DIY cleaning is time and in this business time is money! Cleaning requires time, and you might have other priorities you would rather focus on. In addition, you might not be available for turnover cleaning or have the proper cleaning supplies that would facilitate your task.

Finally, due to your familiarity with the place, you might get distracted by other extraneous tasks. For example, hanging pictures rather cleaning pictures or rearranging furniture rather than cleaning the furniture.

Hire a professional BnB cleaning service

Most people hesitate in hiring a professional cleaning service because first, they assume they can do the cleaning by themselves, and second, they believe cleaning services are too expensive. Finally, they are concerned that the housemaids can misplace items or that they are going to do a superficial cleaning.

On the other hand, if you hire a professional cleaning service you most likely to have cost-benefits from using the cleaning services.

First, professional cleaning services have experience with rental cleaning and they also have the proper cleaning supplies.

Second, most professional cleaning companies offer discount rates for monthly recurring cleaning services. You can request quotes beforehand (managing the services according to your budget), as well as communicate your needs and expectations about the services.

Third, you don’t have to worry about turnover cleaning anymore. Allowing you time to focus on new guests and marketing. 

Lastly, professional cleaners are familiar with last minute calls and they can allocate their staff to fulfill customers’ needs. A reputable cleaning service guarantees their staff is insured and background-checked to provide the best customer experience.

If your goals are elevating hospitality services and providing excellent customer experience for your clients, consider all the benefits provided by a professional cleaning company to build trust and credibility to your business.

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