How often should you clean or replace your cleaning tools

How often should you clean or replace your cleaning toolsHousekeeping and organizing are essential for our health and those around us.

Washing dishes, cleaning floors, wiping down surfaces after use is great! However, most of us commit some mistakes in our house cleaning habits.

Are you wondering what mistakes you’re making when housekeeping? Well, have you ever used your dish-sponge until it was so worn-out the scrub side was piecing off with each use?  How often do you clean the broom or empty the vacuum after cleaning the house?

That’s right! Most of us commit these mistakes and we are here to help you.

Sometimes we don’t think much about it because what is most important is that our house cleaning is done, but our household equipment can hold and proliferate germs since those cleaning tools have direct contact with heavy dirt.

How often should you clean or replace your cleaning tools

Just to make sure we are not cleaning our homes with dirty tools, here are some tips about how often you should clean your house cleaning tools and/or how often you should replace them.



Cleaning tools/equipmentCleanReplace


Clean: Wash with soap and put in microwave for 1 minute… Be careful they come out hot

Replace: For dish use we recommend every two weeks.

Mop heads

Clean: Most mop heads are detachable and can be machine washed. After each use the head should be thoroughly rinsed and rung out.

Replace: Every two months of normal use.


Clean: Dishcloths can be Machine or hand washed washed.

Replace: Depending on the condition of the dishcloth it is up to the user.

Scrub brushes

Clean: Soap and water or put in the dishwasher.

Replace: Typically, when the bristles wear down

Microfiber cloths

Clean: Machine or hand wash

Replace: Depending on the condition of the item. Some can last very long


Clean: Soap and water

Replace: For normal use we recommend every two years


Clean: If you have bagless, we recommend emptying after each use and always wipe down your vacuum. Weekly clean the rollers. Make sure to clean while unplugged.

Replace: A good quality Vacuum can last 5 years. Replacing it depends on the user.

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