Zesty Maids offers affordable residential & commercial cleaning services

Enjoy the luxury of professional cleaning services on a weekly, biweekly, triweekly, monthly, or special-occasion basis.

Who Are the Zesty Maids?

Our Reliable cleaning professionals are committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services. Zesty Maids takes pride in our well-trained and hardworking cleaning professionals. We take great care in hiring staff members who are passionate about excelling at their jobs and delivering outstanding customer service.

Our rigorous hiring process ensures that all maids are insured, bonded, and background-checked for your peace of mind. This means you can trust us to take care of your home, small business, or short term rental properties knowing that our Reliable cleaning professionals care and pay attention to detail.

By investing in well-qualified candidates and delivering high-quality work, we keep our reputation stellar and our business thriving And, in addition you get to enjoy a quality of service that is nearly unheard of in professional cleaning, all at prices that are affordable. Choose Zesty Maids for reliable, affordable, and exceptional cleaning services.

Zesty Maids Is on a Mission

Our Mission is about making life easier, and providing top quality service to our customers.

We’ve traded harsh cleaning chemicals and disposable cleaning tools for earth-friendly green cleaning products and adopted a policy of conservation for each item of our Zesty Maids cleaning checklist. We take the time necessary to ensure that each item on our checklist is 100% complete, and satisfactory for customers just like you.

Zesty Maids takes pride in our team members.  We believe paying fair wages and offering  opportunities to grow within the company is a crucial element in our success. Not everyone wants to clean houses and business for their entire work life and Our mission at Zesty Maids is to ensure we help our cleaning professionals  reach their life goals wether with us our in a different direction. 

Super Clean. Totally Green. Incredibly Safe.

Why Green Cleaning?

A thorough cleaning of your home or office requires plenty of cleaning agents and hard work. Abrasive multipurpose chemical cleaners and solvents are capable of cleaning your space, but they irritate sinuses and soft tissue, trigger allergic reactions, provoke pain and inflammation, and have the potential to cause serious irreversible damage on contact or if ingested.

Green cleaning, however, is safe and effective because it’s built on the use of natural, organic cleaning agents and a minimal-waste process.

In short, green cleaning:

  • Won’t cause irritation and inflammation
  • Won’t trigger allergies for adults or children
  • Won’t upset asthmatic conditions
  • Uses products safe for external contact
  • Reduces environmental impact

Don’t forget about pet allergies! Green cleaning is pet and baby-safe, which makes it well-suited for single men and women, couples, and families alike.

We're Insured and Bonded

We want to earn your trust – but starting off on the right foot doesn’t hurt, either. To help you feel comfortable with our services, we are bonded and commercially insured.

That means that if something unexpected happens while Zesty Maids is cleaning your home, you can rest easy; we have coverage that will help reimburse you for damages.

But don’t worry – it’s not our policy to put your space or belongings in danger. Thorough cleaning requires a careful hand, and we’ve hired the most careful hands in the business!

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