5 Steps to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean

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Dishwasher… this convenient machine that does the job many people dislike – washing the dishes. Even better, it cleans, sanitizes, and dries dishes and utensils, making our lives easier. 

Although dishwashers are considered one of the indispensable appliances in any household, many people still neglect basic maintenance to this item. 

Many people assume that the dishwasher cleans itself in each wash or that running an unloaded hot-water-cycle will be enough to clean it. Well, that might help, but it’s not enough.

Over time, food residue, grease, and soap scum build up in the dishwasher. If not removed, these remains will develop a bad smell, create a perfect spot for germs to proliferate, and prevent the appliance from working efficiently.

If you want to optimize the efficiency and durability of this essential machine following these steps:

5 Steps to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean

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1. Remove junks of food or debris

Rinse dishes

Remove bits and pieces of food that may have gotten stuck in the dishwasher after every cycle. This helps keep your dishwasher clean, functional, and odor free.

2. Check the drain

Dirty dishes

If you notice a blockage/clog in your dishwasher, that’s a sign that chunks of food may have made its way into the drain.

First, try: 

  • Clearing garbage disposal, since dishwasher water drains from the garbage disposal. 
  • Clearing the filter basket soaking it in a little vinegar. 
  •  Unclogging the drain using the basic DIY cleaning solution (baking soda, vinegar, and hot water). Start pouring some vinegar down the drain and add baking soda. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and pour hot water to clear the clog area.

These are some quick solutions for minor clogs. If the clog is deeper than you assumed it would be, you might need to replace the drain hose or seek for professional assistance. 

3. Clean the filter

Unloading dishes from dishwasher

A clean filter makes everything else clean. If you don’t pre rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, we suggest cleaning the filter every month. First, remove the filter and place it in a bowl with warm soapy water for 15 minutes. Then use a soft sponge or a small brush to remove any gunky from the filter. Finish by rinsing it in hot running water and return it to the dishwasher. Replace the filter when necessary. 

*Check the website or manufacturer’s manual for details on how to find and replace the filter.  

4. Give it a monthly deep clean

Clean dishwasher

If not cleaned regularly, your dishwasher will not only work inefficiently, but also become a home to different types of germs and bacteria. 

Give your dishwasher a good deep clean. In need of a heavy cleaning, use a soft sponge or a soft brush with soap to remove grease, dirt, residue, and soap buildups accumulated in the corners, grids, and baskets. Otherwise, use a dishwasher cleaner tablet/pod (such as Finish, Cascade Platinum, Glisten, affresh, and Lemi Shine Single) once a month, to do the deep clean work for you.

*Make sure to read the instructions on how to properly use the tablets/pods for the best results. 

If you don’t have the cleaners available, vinegar and baking soda are a great DIY option. Empty the dishwasher and place 2 cups of distilled white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the top rack of the dishwasher. Run it in a hot-water cycle to remove any gunky substance and to disinfect. When finished, shine and deodorize your dishwasher by sprinkling one cup of baking soda over the base and run it again in a hot-water cycle.


5. Polish front panel

Use a damp sponge or a soft cloth to wipe down the appliance’s surface and remove any dirt, fingerprints, or watermarks. Don’t forget to wipe down the door interior, edges, control buttons, and handle.

If you have a stainless steel dishwasher, give it a shiny look by applying a stainless steel cleaner and wiping down with a microfiber cloth, finish wiping dry to polish.

The idea here is to keep a good maintenance of your appliance in your household to increase its efficiency and lifespan. Basically, clean it to help it to clean!

Create a schedule so it becomes a habit and part of your routine. Save time and money with preventive care. 

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