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Archive for July 2019

Use Natural Moth Repellent as an Alternative to Mothballs

Have you ever picked up your favorite clothing from your closet and noticed that it has a little tiny undesirable hole? That mysterious hole can be a sign of moth¬†problems. In fact, it is not the moth itself who is eating your clothing, but its larvae. Adult moths like dirty¬†and moist environments, as well as…

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Simple Tricks to Prevent Foggy Bathroom Mirrors

I believe you are going to agree with me on this: a warm or hot steamy shower is very relaxing; it is even better in cold days! But sometimes that cloud covering your bathroom is not so much fun. I mean, you want to use your bathroom mirror to do your hair, apply makeup, or…

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Air Fresheners – The Sweet and Harmful Scents

I have to confess that I love getting into a place and feel a nice and sweet scent. A soft or fresh scent gives me a welcoming, warm, and clean and feeling. When visiting friends’ houses, it wouldn’t take me so long to ask what air freshener and scent they were using in their house.…

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Why you should have some indoor plants?

Let’s make our house greener! Yes, today we are going to talk about plants and explain why you should have some inside of your house. We always talk about green cleaning, but there is nothing better than real plants to purify the air in our house. Nature is perfect! And proof of this is our…

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