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Archive for May 2019

We, Zesty Maids, Show our Respect on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, we, Zesty Maids, want to show our respect, remembering and honoring all people who have sacrificed their lives while serving our country. – We would like to express our sympathy to all family and friends who have lost their loved ones. As well, we want to show our gratitude for their service…

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How to Properly Clean Your Ceiling Fan

If you clean your furniture often and you noticed that some insistent dust on top of them, it is a great sign that your ceiling fan needs to be cleaned.  The ceiling fan is a great dust accumulator, and you need to be very careful about cleaning it because you don’t want all the dust…

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Green Cleaning Method for a Burnt Pan

  Have you ever got distracted for a few seconds while you were cooking and then your favorite pan was just as burnt as it could be? Yes, it also happened to me a couple times. In the past, I used to scrub the pan trying to recover it, which was not worth it. After talking…

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Zesty Maids Wishes a Happy Mother’s Day!

First, Zesty Maids wishes a Happy Mother’s Day! Second, we want to say Thank you to all mothers for your love, care, time, dedication, advice, education, and much more you all do every single day.  Last, as I mentioned in a post about my story, I am so grateful for my mother as she is…

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DIY Green Cleaner Solution for Window and Mirror

Happy Tuesday! Have you ever got to take a look through the window to see how the weather was outside and you got distracted not because the view outside but because your window was so dirty… You are no alone!  For this reason, on our Zesty Maids blog post today, we are sharing a DIY…

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