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Archive for April 2019

DIY Green Cleaner for Minor Drain Clogs

There isn’t such a thing to drive you crazy as noticing that the drains in your house are starting to clog. Frustrating, right?! Yes, I totally understand how you feel. On our blog post today, we are going to teach you how to make a simple DIY green drain cleaner for minor clogs or blockage…

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How to clean and deodorize garbage disposals

Zesty Maids tip for today is about ways you can clean and deodorize garbage disposals. As we know, because garbage disposals grind food remains, after a while it can get nasty and with an unpleasant odor. As any other appliance in our kitchen, it is important to keep it clean to prevent the accumulation of…

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Zesty Maids Wishes You a Happy Easter!

We, Zesty Maids want to wish you all a Happy Easter! Easter has a huge religious significance, as for Christians, it is time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For non-religious, the Easter Bunny or Easter Egg tradition has become more and more celebrated during Easter-time. Independent of your religion, the message we would…

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Housekeeping Services – What to expect?

If you are new to house cleaning services, you might have some concerns about what should you expect from housekeeping services. Don’t worry! We are going to explain it to you. ? Many people who are not familiar with cleaning services might feel reluctant to hire the services for two reasons: first, they believe house…

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BnB cleaning services – DIY or hire a professional service?

BnB cleaning – DIY or hire a rental cleaning service? Hospitality services are on the rise! BnB and Airbnb stays are trending. Customers are eagerly looking for quality and affordable lodging services. If you are in the vacation rental business, either BnB or Airbnb, you know the importance of keeping your rental impeccable. You might…

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