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Archive for March 2019

Learn 3 Green Methods to keep a Microwave Oven Clean!

In the rush of our daily lives, there is nothing better than convenience! Microwaves make our lives so much easier, as we used it to reheat leftovers, to prepare quick snack, bacon, popcorn, to heat milk, water… And the list goes on. Spills and splatters are inevitable, and sometimes your judgment of time fails and…

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Why the end of lease cleaning is so important?

If you are wondering why end of lease cleaning is so important, we are going to give you some insights. When you rent a house or an apartment, you expect to find it clean, maintained, and organized. Otherwise, you should consider carefully if you really want to sign any rental agreement with someone that doesn’t…

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Spring Cleaning – Breathe it in!

We started the countdown for Spring! Spring! Time to open up the windows and let the fresh air in! It is also the best time for a deep cleaning! During winter, a lot of dust accumulates in the house, causing allergies and respiratory problems. A deep cleaning is essential to wash out all the dirt…

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Zesty Maids wishes a Happy International Women’s Day!

Zesty Maids wishes a Happy International Women’s Day to all beautiful, powerful, and incredible women!       We want to celebrate all women for their kindness, strength, and determination. The world is greener, better, and brighter because of you!   In addition, we congratulate our incredible wonder women team for their brilliant hard work…

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How often should you clean or replace your cleaning tools

Housekeeping and organizing are essential for our health and those around us. Washing dishes, cleaning floors, wiping down surfaces after use is great! However, most of us commit some mistakes in our house cleaning habits. Are you wondering what mistakes you’re making when housekeeping? Well, have you ever used your dish-sponge until it was so…

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