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Archive for March 2017

Learn Some House Cleaning Tips Using Coconut Oil

I’m sure by now you have all heard something regarding the coconut oil craze! In my home coconut oil is a staple… I use it in my hair, as a night mask, or as a mouth swooshing. It’s a natural toothpaste, a great hand cream, and a  great ointment for soothing bug bites… The list…

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The Benefits of Having a Cleaning Service

When it comes to the weekly “TO DO List”, house cleaning is not a fan favorite for most people… With the exception of my mother who loved to clean… Cleaning was Mom’s hobby, lol 🙂 – “Ok Mom, I’ll be outside playing and you and your hobby take all the time you need, feel free…

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Laugh More! Enjoy the House Cleaning Humor ?

Since laughter is the best medicine, let’s take good care of our sense of humor with these cleaning humor! “My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance” – Erma Bombeck “Excuse the mess we live here” – Rosanne Bar “I find it easier to apologies for not cleaning rather than clean”…

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