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Archive for January 2017

How to Green Clean your Windows!

Oh the dreaded chore of cleaning windows!   Amazing how many components are in a window that we generally do not think about when looking at any window… It’s not until we actually get into the deep cleaning part of the window itself that we realize “WOW this window has a lot of parts to…

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Tips for Maintaining Vacuum Cleaners Clean and Sanitized

We have great experience with vacuum cleaners here at Zesty Maids. It’s extremely important for us to keep our vacuums sanitized for those clients who do not have vacuums and for our staff. In particular, vacuums these days can also be rather expensive, so to prolong the life of your vacuum here are some tips:…

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Use Natural Essential Oils to make a DIY Degreaser

I love this natural DIY essential oil degreaser! It works great and it is so easy to use. To make this awesome degreaser, I like to use lemon essential oil or orange, both smell wonderful. So, here is Zesty Maids DIY essential oil degreaser mixture: Mix 2 cups of warm water, 1 tablespoon of baking…

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Natural Awakenings Magazine Spotlights Zesty Maids!

Yes, we Zesty Maids are in the Natural Awakenings Magazine, and we couldn’t be any happier! We strongly believe in the power of everything that is natural and eco-friendly to live a healthy life. Therefore, we make it our lifestyle, and as we believe we could do something better for others and for our planet,…

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