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Archive for December 2016

Prevent and get rid of bathroom mold or moldy grout stains

There’s nothing worse than seeing those ugly mold stains in a bathroom. They are ugly to the eye and even worse, some can cause harm to the body. Most molds are non life threatening for healthy people, but for people with weak immune systems, especially people with asthma, babies and the elderly, the wrong bathroom…

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Keeping Flu and Cold Germs at Minimum in the Home

Uggg cold and flu season is among us and we are all in anti virus mode! My husband is originally from Ohio, and when winter comes he actually gets excited if he hears a freeze is on the way to Texas… He tells me he loves a good freeze because it kills all the germs…

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You’ve cleaned your home, now detox your mind.

At times our lives can be very stressful, and not all of us can hop on a plane and head out to the islands to detox and recharge our batteries. A little time out during the day to just breath and let our mind rest and reset can be just what the doctor ordered. When…

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Clean Sweep for 2017! Start a list and get organized.

Clean Sweep for 2017! I love the start of a fresh year… New beginnings, fresh start, clean slate, OUT with the old and in with the New. For some people the New Year is literally a starting point, and there are people who have been waiting for the NY all year since February 🙂 Most…

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