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Archive for October 2016

The 3 germiest places in a home – green clean them!

Today on our blog post we are going to tell you the 3 germiest places in a house, and we will also give you some suggestions about how to clean them using green cleaning method. If you are thinking that one of these places is the bathroom. Well, not really! Since we already know that…

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Green Cleaning Tip – DIY Vinegar Spray and what it cleans.

We, Zesty Maids, want to share with you some green house cleaning tips using vinegar spray. Watch the video below and learn how to make your own vinegar spray at home (DIY) and how can you use it!   You will need: We also listed here the products we use to make the DIY vinegar…

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Green Cleaning Benefits to our Health!

    My story I have always been a person who loves people, nature, and animals. As a child, I grew up on a farm in Brazil, our vegetables and fruits were always organic, our home was filled with love, and our home was always extremely cleaned. Thanks to my Mom!   My beautiful mother…

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Five great tips for a green clean home!

Vector illustration of a green house. See my gallery for more. Here are Zesty Maids‘ five great tips for a green clean home: 1. Avoid air fresheners and fabric protection sprays as they contain chemicals linked to endocrine system issues, as well as reproductive problems. With this in mind, we suggest “Essence of Vali mists”…

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